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Healing with words

A story is a powerful tool that connects people, breaks down barriers, and heals the wounds of the heart.


Narrative therapy helps change a problematic narrative into a healthy, productive voice, creating self-empowering, healing spaces.


Stories provide hope and guidance. Through creative expression such as drawing, journaling, and dancing, it is possible to observe personal experiences from a safe distance, effectively changing your self-narrative for the better.

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Storytelling for Adults
2hr 30min Session

£25 p/p
Online or face-to-face
Recommended for between 6 - 12 people


This exciting and inspiring programme uses storytelling to build stronger teams with a clear sense of identity and purpose. Re-write the story of your team to inspire trust and form stronger bonds.

How can this session help your organisation?

  • Unite teams

  • Inspire trust between colleagues and leaders

  • Set clear goals and targets

  • Create a reliable working community

  • Improve communication

  • Increase the sense of collaboration

Email for more information on how storytelling can benefit your team.