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Helping you to find clarity in life

Life Coach | Storyteller | Writer

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is a process that helps, supports, and builds awareness, bringing to light choices leading to positive life changes.

What will Life Coaching do for me?

  • Identify issues and problems destabilising your personal and professional life

  • Deconstruct negative and limiting beliefs

  • Connect to your inner self, implementing sustainable tools and healthy routines

  • Concrete the steps to reach clarity in life and abundance mentality.



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Hi, I'm Sandra, neurolinguistic programming life coach, certified therapist, and trained storyteller living in Edinburgh, Scotland. My journey into life coaching started at Allenati per l'eccellenza, training in their ACTP (Acredited Coaching Training Programme) ICF approved programme in 2014. Since then I continued expanding my professional skills in the areas of neuroscience, Jungian psychology, biology, spirituality, and the art of storytelling. ​For almost a decade I've helped men & women finding clarity in life, & regaining their sense of well-being. As Usui reiki master and Bach flower remedies therapist, I offer a holistic approach and compassionate, assertive guidance. I've led workshops in several countries in community groups, schools & universities, professional associations, private and public sectors. My clients come from sport, business and professional backgrounds, facing challenges such as identity crisis, relationship breakups, bereavement, and career changes. My academic background includes MSc Pg Translation & technology (Heriot-Watt University), Bachelor in visual arts in photography (QCA. Griffith University. QLD) Creative Writing (Edinburgh College). I am the author of self-guidance book, 'Spiral effect, sowing seed to happiness.' (2017). ​I've lived in Australia, Chile, Scotland, mainland Spain and the Canary Islands, and I’m fluent in English-Spanish. I worked as a TEFL and SSL teacher, I'm mother to three adult children, and a small dog that follows me everywhere. I practice yoga, enjoy swimming and gentle forest walking. I lost both of my parents and only brother, and going through my journey of bereavement has helped me to help others facing critical moments in life. There is a Buddhist sentence that in my view encapsulate powerful healing: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” ​Learning to let go is the first step into healing and I am here to help you take that step.


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NLP & Life coaching

Helping you to live a healthier, happier life

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Healing the soul with stories



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“Sandra was my coach during a pivotal moment of my life. She helped me to visualise and overcome obstacles by asking clear and assertive questions. I gained personal and professional clarity, and was able to concrete projects."

Nadia Zusalia García


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Storytelling for Adults
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