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Helping you to find clarity in life


Life Coach | Storyteller | Writer

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is a process that helps, supports, and builds awareness, bringing to light choices leading to positive life changes.

What will Life Coaching do for me?

  • Identify issues and problems destabilising your personal and professional life.

  • Deconstruct negative and limiting beliefs.

  • Connect to your inner self, implementing sustainable tools and healthy routines.

  • Concrete the steps to reach clarity in life and abundance mentality.



The image shows a portrait of Sandra Codd, the site owner

Hi, I'm Sandra, neurolinguistic programming life coach, certified therapist, writer, storyteller (Scottish Storytelling Centre), and an advocate for non violent communication living in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. My journey into life coaching started in 2014 at Allenati per l'eccellenza, training in the programme European coaching & NLP, ACTP (Acredited Coaching Training Programme) ICF approved under the direct mentorship of trainer director Marco Bigornia. After receiving my qualification in 2015, I continued expanding my professional skills in the areas of neuroscience, Jungian psychology, biology, spirituality, the art of storytelling, recovery coaching, and non violent communication. ​For over a decade I have helped men & women to find clarity in life, regaining their sense of self & well-being. As Usui reiki master and certified Bach flower remedies therapist, I offer an holistic and compassionate vision to wellness, an integration of mind and heart. During my career I have led wellness workshops in several countries, working with community groups, schools, universities, professional associations, private and public sectors. My 1:2:1 clients are professionals coming from sports and business areas facing challenges such as identity crisis, breakup, bereavement, career changes, negative mindsets, addictions. I hold a MSc Pg degree in Translation & technology (Heriot-Watt University), studied Bachelor in Visual Arts in Photography (QCA. Griffith University. QLD. Australia) Creative Writing (Edinburgh College), plus extensive training in the area of personal development, including recovery coaching (Centre for Addiction Recovery Training), Future Mentoring, negociation skills, Manifesting from the heart, and Breath work. In 2017 published a selfhelp guide "Spiral effect, sowing seed to happiness" and prior to that collaborted with a PEN International project supporting women and children survivors of violence, publishing a short story dealing with domestic abuse, called "Memories of my loneliness" included in Volume 3: Our Voices. "Travelling is my therapy", and ​I have travelled extensively in Europe, South America, and Canada. I've lived in Australia, Chile, UK, mainland Spain and the Canary Islands. Bilingual in English-Spanish, I worked as a TEFL and SSL teacher. A mum of three, we have a small velcro dog adopted in Chile. I practice yoga, enjoy swimming, training at the gym, and gentle forest walking. In 2009 I loss my only brother to pancreatic cancer, and some years later dad followed him, mum joined them during the Covid-19 pandemic. As an adult orphan, I have learnt invaluable lessons taught by grief, and going through my journey of bereavement has helped me to develop compassionate resilience and a deep sense of connection to the fragility of life. This translated in a much greater appreciation and gratitude for every minute I live, and for the opportunity to help others through the dark night of the soul. There is a Buddhist sentence that encapsulates powerful healing: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” ​Learning to let go is the first step into healing and I am here to help you take that step. With love, Sandra Your clarity coach



NLP & Life Coaching

Helping you to live a healthier, happier life
Unleashing the power of connections in the workplace through wellness training

Phoenix Recovery

Break through barriers to overcome life's obstacles with these transformative sessions


Cristian Sayes Maldonado
 | Business manager | Chile

"My greatest challenge was coming to terms with my own vulnerability and recognising the impact that various personal, family, and professional factors had on my personal growth. I am grateful to have made the decision to work with Sandra, and without hesitation, I recommend her to those who can openly discuss their personal challenges."


Full Price
Coaching - 6 Sessions
Phoenix Recovery
£ 3,900
Connecting Dots
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Translation & Interpretation
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  • A limited number of hardship funds are available. Please send an email asking for an application form.

  • Spread the kindness by paying it forward. Purchase an additional session for someone that cannot afford personal coaching.

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