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Helping you to find clarity in life


Healing | Learning | Connecting

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is a process that helps, supports, and builds awareness, bringing to light choices leading to positive life changes.

What will Life Coaching do for me?

  • Identify issues and problems destabilising your personal and professional life.

  • Deconstruct negative and limiting beliefs.

  • Connect to your inner self, implementing sustainable tools and healthy routines.

  • Concrete the steps to reach clarity in life and abundance mentality.



The image shows a portrait of Sandra Codd, the site owner

Hello, I'm Sandra—a neurolinguistic programming holistic life coach, author, translator, and storyteller. Over the past fifteen years, my commitment has been to support individuals, both men and women, in finding clarity in their lives, rebuilding their self-esteem, and nurturing their overall well-being. This journey often involves navigating significant life changes such as divorce, grief, relationship complexities, and career challenges. Throughout my career, I've lead wellness workshops in various countries, and collaborated with community groups, educational institutions, universities, professional associations, as well as private and public sector companies. Languages play a pivotal role in my work, not only within my neurolinguistic practice but also as a translator. I pursued my studies at Heriot-Watt University, and since graduating in 2008, I've been involved in international projects, authored articles, penned short stories, and wrote a self-help guide. In my role as a storyteller, I actively gather stories from legends and folklore, a practice I hold dear for its role in preserving and honouring cultural traditions and fostering human connections on a profound level. Additionally, I recognize the vital role stories play in the healing journey. Travelling holds a significant place in my life, and I have lived in worked in Australia, UK, Chile, & Spain, including the Canary Islands. I feel a profound connection to the ocean, & see it as a powerful conduit to our inner selves, aiding us in comprehending the nature of emotions and the inevitability of changes. Sandra Agustina MacDonald ICF Certified NLP Life Coach MSc Pg Translation & technology Dip. Creative Writing



NLP & Life Coaching

Helping you to live a healthier, happier life.


Connecting, healing and learning through the power of storytelling.


Creating a bridge between cultures by making diverse voices accessible.


Cristian Sayes Maldonado
 | Business manager | Chile

"My greatest challenge was coming to terms with my own vulnerability and recognising the impact that various personal, family, and professional factors had on my personal growth. I am grateful to have made the decision to work with Sandra, and without hesitation, I recommend her to those who can openly discuss their personal challenges."


Full Price
Coaching - 6 Sessions
Phoenix Recovery
£ 3,900
Connecting Dots
Email for a quote
Translation & Interpretation
Email for a quote
  • A limited number of hardship funds are available. Please send an email asking for an application form.

  • Spread the kindness by paying it forward. Purchase an additional session for someone that cannot afford personal coaching.

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